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What we are about

Given that the average family spends more than 85% of their life indoors, air quality testing is an important part of determining how healthy your surroundings are. Most indoor pollutants cannot be seen by the naked eye with no noticeable odor.  Good indoor air quality should also not be confused with cleanliness. A clean, hygienic home or office can still have air quality issues that can often be remedied once they are properly identified.

Do you or a family member experience:

  • Chronic headaches, dizziness, congestion or sinus infections
  • Asthma, breathing difficulties or respiratory infections
  • Extreme coughing, wheezing or struggling to get enough air
  • Strange odors in the home or office
  • Skin rashes or ear/eye infections

Solutions to Indoor Air Quality & Odour Problems

Based on the evidence found from the air quality test, we can provide options and recommendations for solving the problem if needed. The plan could typically recommend abatement/cleaning and mould removal or remediation, as a first step.

Other solutions generally involve fixing the cause of the air quality problem such as repair or replacement of damaged structural components, replacing or installing air filters, dehumidification, ventilation and the control of moisture.

In some cases, where visible mould is present, the obvious starting place would be to have the mould removed, either yourself or professionally. If the area is greater than 3 square meters, or if you have cleaned the mould and the mould has come back, then a full assessment should be conducted.

In cases where there is no obvious signs of mould, but there is a persistent odour, or if there have been incidents of water intrusion, flooding or previous renovations, a full inspection may be required to determine the source or sources of the problem.

For assistance and answers for solving Air Quality issues in your home, Fairway Services can advise you on the best methods for determining the cause of indoor air quality and odour problems and recommend practical solutions. Our Air Quality sampling tests start at $125 per test (3 tests recommended per standard single-family household).

What clients say

  • With three young children, we were experiencing some less than pleasant odours in our family vehicle. I had tried a few of the common tricks – mobile carpet cleaner, Febreeze, etc but the results were not what I had hoped. After Jim at Fairway Services did a single treatment, it smelled like a new car again and has lasted for weeks now.

    Marla Loyva
    Vehicle Ozone Treatment